A Collection of Moments


Good-feel movies The Backup Plan (2010) with Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin
"This is more than you bargained for. It’s more than I bargained for."


“You are the most exciting woman I’ve ever known.”

Life in the Dreamhouse vs. TV Tropes → Frying Pan of Doom

Unlike many other improbable weapons, the frying pan could actually cause quite a bit of damage. One can assume that getting hit over the head with a slab of iron would at least cause a concussion. Indeed, the noble frying pan is a worthy melee weapon.

It should be mentioned that frying-pans-as-weapons are usually wielded by females, although the occasional male chef may be found using it.


Tony & Jeannie kisses | Season 4 - Part 1

CB + Charles Bartholomew Bass & Blair Cornelia Waldorf


3x05 | 4x16  requested by pookiebearandz

Swan Queen Week Midwinter 2014 » Day 2 - Divorced Lesbian Mommies AU

gilmore girls rewatch → 2x04 (1/2)