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This was a fun day on set! We filmed the anniversary episode and Larry had to be buried up to his head in sand! My husband Michael played the part of the evil and wicked Blue Djinn. -Barbara

when characters are like me: seth cohen


Give over, it’s giveaway time!

To celebrate Easter, and hitting 713 followers, and being given an additional Corrie Easter Egg - I’m giving it away to one of you cool folk.

What you should know:

  • There is nothing remarkable about this egg.  It is one egg, wrapped in foil.  That’s it.
  • It does however come in a pretty cool box with pictures of characters old and new, and facts about the show that will astonish you.*
  • The ‘old English nuts’ mentioned on the box do not appear to be in the box.  If you are particularly attached to nuts, you will be disappointed.
  • It is officially licensed by Grenada Studios so you needn’t worry about being sued for eating it.

To go in the draw:

  • Reblog this post.  Liking it is lovely, but I’m going to need you to take that extra step if you want to win this bad boy.
  • Make sure you reblog on or before 31 April.  I’ll draw a winner after that date using a crude Excel algorithm.

Love and cobbles,

*astonishment not guaranteed.


Ryan was clearly taking a picture of Ken’s ass there’s no other way to explain this.